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Rants & Raves about people, places and even things that we have personally had terrible experiences with! We have had lots of Rants & Raves over the years and we know you have too!
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Fixin That Up said:
Red Barn processors—- Stole my deer meat said they sold it, I was even early trying to pick it up! They are or were located in loganville GA

Twin Bridges Lakes Lawrenceville GA-
A pay lake for catfishing or so we thought! Went there with some family and friends, paid to get in, drove back there and the place was wayyyy over crowded, couldn't even squeeze in beside another fisher, we did not even get out of the car! Drove back out to the office, got out and walked back in and started explaining that there was no room to fish...... The woman grabbed her phone and called 911!!!!

We stood there in disbelief watching as she told the operator all kind of crazy lies!!!!! She was saying, "They are carrying weapons.". We of course were not btw.
She just went nuts on us, besides refusing to give ANY money back she's now trying to get us arrested for asking for a refund because they have no room to fish!!! P.S The cops that she called out was just as nice to us as you would imagine! Totally took her side and demanded that we leave!

They forever lost a bunch of customers and I tell everyone I meet when the subject comes up to avoid those looneys! These psychos are located in lawrenceville GA

Todd Heil said, in Reply to Twin Lakes:
We have TWIN LAKES up here and you never catch anything. Also we do have a RAINBOW LAKES here, pay lake as well. That place finally got new owners and I have not been there yet but people have told me that they dont feed the fish like the old owners did. lol

Fixin That Up said: Well the cats outta the bag for how Rainbow Lakes used to be run LOL. I know of several small lakes that are pay to fish I'm pretty sure they were doing that too! lol dummies…

Fixin That Up said:
Academy sports in snellville GA…. Don’t get me wrong I really like the place and go there a lot, it’s like a mini Bass Pro shop BUT I have been going there since they opened their doors “that’s when the employees and managers gave a crap” I purchase most all of my fishing and boating stuff there..

I had went in there well over a month ago and bought them out of cup holders and boat coating and a few more small items because I needed them.. Went back in there the other day and they still have not re stocked ANY of those things! Talked to employee and this joker is telling me they don’t re stock until it’s customer requested!

I’m telling him so the store shelves go empty and NOTHING is ordered or restocked EVER until someone arrives at the store and asks for it to be reordered?!?!? He just goes on and on and it’s about at this time that I’m laughing so hard at his ignorant lies I just finally say is the manager in??? He says Oh ok sir I don’t really see what the problem is but I will call the floor manager over for you….

This joker walks off and I stand around for 30 minutes waiting on the manager! The manager comes over “finally” and is running the same ignorant line as the employee so I finally ask how long will it take to get all this stuff in?? He says well once we get it shipped and it arrives at our warehouse it will take about a week from then…. I explain to THAT joker that it would take less time if I ordered it myself OR drove up the road to bass pro shop!!!

I just said forget it, I still go to purchase the couple of items that I already had in the cart “for some reason, should have put them back” when I get up to the register I see the manager and original employee I was talking to standing there having a long discussion about ordering stuff and product shipment etc.. The manager turns to me right as I was paying and asks: Sir would you like us to go ahead and order more of the items you were looking for in?

In disbelief I just said: Nope, let the shelves stay empty, Oh and lemme know how sales are going next time I’m in! I’m laughing and making my way out the door and the manager comes back up to me and suggests that I just go online and order from academy online… Once again I’m standing there wanting to drive this dude in like a nail because now the entire boat project is being held up because of this half wit.. I just say will you go get me the phone number to your district supervisor or have I got to go online to get that???

Funny thing is I actually had to go online to get that because that guy left and I stood there waiting for as long as I was willing to, which was about 10 minutes… Yes I know he was waiting on and hoping I would just go ahead and leave so I should have stood around and waited BUT I had a whole lot of stuff to do and had already been in that store arguing with these fools far to long as it was wasting my day!

The supervisor on the phone over that ignorant manager said they were going to straighten things out though over there and was very nice and helpful. Apologized, had the manager call and apologize, then the supervisor called back to make sure the managers apology was acceptable <– wanting to see if I was still mad I suppose..

Anyways the situation turned out that they are going to have all of their department managers check the shelves for all out of stock merchandise and place orders for everything that they are suppose to have in that store… Wow I’m thinking, I got so much done, now the people in the store are going to make sure they have something to sell LOL… The whole thing was nuts and confusing, the only positive out of the whole deal was the district manager is supposed to be sending me a $20.00 gift card for all of my trouble..

Now I can wait to get that and maybe by then the store will have some merchandise stocked in it to spend the gift card on!!! LOL

Austin said:
Walton EMC- This light company has been screwing over my now for years on end! Our meter would spin like a top with just one appliance turned on, constant calls to them to check it out and oh yes they came out but looked at it and said well everything seems fine here!

We are talking about 300 and 400 dollar light bills every month for years! We had an old meter out there that was not being used and we cut the wire running over to the old meter that was no longer in use and the meter box that was plugged in stopped spinning so fast.

Walton had people come out to check the meter because they were wondering why it had slowed down, well after the REPAIR men left that meter was spinning like a top again! Light bills back up to 3-4 hundred a month now! They are crooks and everyone should feel very sorry for anyone having to use these money greedy crooks like I have to.

Fixin That Up said: Dang!!! GA Power’s not an option for you either huh, here in Snellville GA we have to also use Walton EMC and yea very, very high light bills here also! I feel your pain Austin!

tommy t said:
Mikes Automotive shop in washington, ripped my family off and held our car for a week saying they were still working on the brakes! Stay far away from that place

Fixin That Up said:
Well people will know about them now! Thanks for posting your experience!

Mat said:
apex is crooks! I went to the one near loganville GA, lawyer suggested the place. About the same story here you tell them whats killing you and they report something totally different back to your lawyers! How are they still in business they should be picketed on a daily basis!

Fixin That Up said:
apex "medical" is crooks!!! After an accident we went there all screwed up and to make a long story short they lied to our lawyers saying that we were out hiking camping and sparring for mixed martial arts tourneys.. LOL that's funny because my wife had to help me in the door, they asked what our normal hobbies were before the accident and then when we answered they claimed that's what we were still doing so we were in good shape as far as health goes..

My wife had a fractured neck from the crash and i had serious back problems…. They simply did not like us so they lied on the records as a little revenge i suppose? Well anyways I wont be crawling back through their doors ever again… Attorneys recommended them btw.. Wont be using them again either cause ended up getting screwed out of what should have been a open and closed case…..

Fixin That Up said:
Putnam county GA, so called legal system! Back from court just now, I had a bench trial went up in front of the judge and showed the prosecutor my evidence and then the judge, he looked at it for maybe a second, smiled and shook his head and that was it, I lost!

I know there is no justice for the people in Putnam County Georgia! I was guilty before I walked into their doors is the way they looked at it and it's simply all about the money to them because like the lady in the back room told me "everyone pays!" I was the only one that did not get probation and community service but I hardly consider that a victory because i had brought hard core evidence with me that showed I was doing nothing wrong and it was not looked at, asked about or even considered!

The legal system in putnam county is as crooked as their old worn out stairs that leads up to the fraudulent court room! I'm now forced to pay a fine and I only have ten days to pay it or probation will kick in and I'll be forced to come up with a whole lot more money over time, drug tests, searches, you name it….. That's considered blackmail anywhere else in the nation but it appears perfectly legal there!

Fixin That Up said:
Hughsnet, so called internet service, Had them awhile now so Heres an update! Yup one just for them, an internet company, it’s not wired it’s over a stupid dish, the sales dept over the phone don't mind lying their butt’s off telling ya that it’s the best service that there has ever been and they sure don’t mind telling you that the government even rents from them but out of all their lies what they don’t tell you is that their service is a joke!

Over your allowed usage is what you will hear from them if you go on youtube or upload videos or crap even just surf the web, now you can use a token which will bring your internet halfway back up out of the over the usage stage but you only get one a month, you can buy more but thats a rip! The service is super slow you have a very small limit on how much internet you can use in a given time, when they say it’ll reset well it will as long as you stop using it AT ALL, We upgraded to the crazy high package to see if it was any better well as I’m typing it’s over it’s limit LOL They are a joke. Need I say more!

Fixin That Up said:
Krogers gas station to the list– centerville hwy, centerville GA– Went down there to get some gas at the pump "pay at pump" the pump screen said see cashier after I had swiped the card, I went up to the cashier and he said your card has 0 balance, I called the card company, they said kroger had put a hold on the card for it's entire balance "because you dont enter in a gas amount at the pump" They explained I would have to call krogers head office since they were the one's putting a hold on the gas that I have not yet gotten.

I called them they said that they cant even see those records of any transaction that did or did not fully take place for 24 hours or more, I explained to the guy on the phone that I was sitting at there gas station with not enough gas to even make it home and now my card is useless because I tried to pay for gas at the pump and they put a hold on ALL the money on the card!!!?…. Was nothing they can do about it I was told over and over again… Now we did barely make it home with the truck sucking fumes "some how?" Guess who wont be using the pay at the pump option at krogers anymore!!!

Fixin That Up said: Here is an update on the Krogers gas pump holding my credit card hostage! ;Your ticket code is ****************. Please use this code in any further communication. The transaction in question is in status outstanding authorization. This means that the funds are being held for up to 7 business days, until the merchant either releases them back to your account or settles the transaction (charges the amount).

In order to request to cancel the outstanding authorization, you can provide us with a confirmation from the merchant indicating that they will not be settling the transaction. The document from the merchant needs to be printed on merchant’s letterhead and should contain following information: Confirmation that the merchant will not be settling the transaction, and explanation why.

Partial card number (for security reasons, please replace with **** **** the middle 8 digits of the card number Dollar amount, Authorization Code Date of Authorization Please request the merchant to fax their confirmation letter directly to Payoneer (our fax number is 1-***-438-****).

Should the merchant provide the confirmation letter to you, please fax it to 1-347-438-**** yourself, or scan the letter and submit it to us through the Contact Us” form at www.**********.com We will forward the confirmation to our financial department with a request to cancel the outstanding authorization. Sincerely, **** ********* Customer Support

Can you believe this! The cards FULL balance is still on hold! For god knows how long now! I don’t even know what to say about something like this……. I wont ever pay at the pump again, I know that much!!!

Fixin That Up said:
Wal-mart- centerville and snellville GA– I do like the store/stores, I do not buy ground beef from there, we had been poisoned awhile back this was like 2008 we all got sick on there ground beef, tried it again a year later "boom" same thing we went until 2012 and tried it just the other day, didn't get poisoned at least but that ground beef was like chewing on a rubber shoe sole! I wont try it again, not the ground beef at least…

Todd said "in reply to wal-mart": Wal-marts meat up here just doesn't look appealing to me at all, maybe it's because of their packaging. Plus, they have all kinds of additives and tenderizers to there meat.

Fixin That Up said:
Blockbuster video!-centerville GA- We were there best customer for a really long time! This is also why there store went out of business! Besides them being higher and always going up on the price, we were told we could return their in store movies to their other stores, well if ya tried that we found out you get screwed, they charged us late fee out the butt because the movie got lost by them well there other store!

Spent untold money at there store and I walked all the way down there one day hiking with my small day pack on, they refused me entry in the store because of that tiny pack, treated me like a stranger I said hey I know all of you by name I’m in here everyday what the crap? well that seriously upset me but I kept going there UNTIL, We rented a very stupid movie one day watched it and brought it back, well we get a call a week later with them asking well reminding us about the movie, I said we brought it back, they said nope.

I went in there about a day or two later they said they had found the movie but was STILL gonna charge me! and did! they wanted $30 bucks for a movie they had the whole time! I was outraged to say the least! I never went back there even though I called their head office and got the bill taken care of by some pricks working there. They went out of business in their local store locations soon after that! That's what happens a lot of times when we quit going to places spending money because we were by far their #1 Customer, screw the customer is their motto but not anymore huh!

Well there blockbuster express boxes are twice as high as red box and keeps going up in prices so because of how they were b4 and I just can’t forget about it I still do not rent movies even from their boxes!!!!

Fixin That Up said:
Us Welding - an online business to order welding parts, we ordered a welding diode $100.00 ! went by there specifications on installing it, torque to a specific foot pounds, well the diode snapped like a potato chip, we emailed them, no response, we called them, never an answer! This place has 0 customer service and sell junk that they certainly will not replace or refund because there is no one there! Or at lease no one there willing to help out a customer with a complaint on the crap they sell!

Fixin That Up said:
Bucks Pizza, centerville GA We ordered a pizza from them a long time back now, "because we never ate there again" Got it and opened the lid, everyone got to eating, then someone noticed a a big ole roach bug melted down below the cheese, I called them up and told them about it, lol they said awww quit fooling around we must have went to school with you or something, then told me one of my friends must have stuck it on there as a joke or prank.

I explained to them that the bug is cooked into the pizza cheese, my friends didn't cook the pizza after we received it.. They offered no refund or replacement and refused to even come out and look at it.. I offered them losing my business and anyone I know I'll let em know about there nasty cooking area and crappy customer service…. Yup never ate there again…

Stan said: Martin Archery, now don't get me wrong they make the best bows you can have but there service dept after I sent my bow in for some mods really screwed it up, buncha hacks that must have took a whiz wheel to my bow!

jeff said:
Jim and Nicks BBQ, overpriced food, it was ok but way overpriced and you did not even want to see the weirdos they had cooking your food.

Jenny said:
Satin and lace Loganville GA, the owner is crazy! I hope someone got her out of that place she does not need to be there at all! she will say one thing and then get upset and act all busy? Crazy girl!

Fixin That Up said:
Ha! We had went in there years back when they first opened on the other side of 78! I asked her "because they had just opened" If she had a website, she said no so i offered to make her one for a very very reasonable price! Se liked the idea and said call her back later in the day and we'll talk over the details of exactly what kinda website she wanted… I called her later that day and she told me she does not have time for this right now and to stop bothering her! LOL LOON 4 SURE!!!!

Fixin That Up said:
Hughes net internet service— Wayyy over priced with their set up fee, the internet still goes out every rain, and the sales people said no one could ever go over the usage limit!

Once again we are always over the usage limit without doing very much on the internet. They will also tell you what ya wanna hear trying to sell it. Customer service blows also, we have heard "well I don't know what else to tell ya?" so many times talking with them they should record it so they can play it back and save their breath!

Fixin That Up said:
Wild Blue internet service — They told us nothing but lies when we first talked to them, the people at sales will tell you anything to get that sale! The short truth is that they are way over prices, and there service sucks big time! If it gets cloudy you have no service, if you watch a youtube video or search the web you are over your allowed internet usage LOL They suck sooo bad!..

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