This photo was quickly sneakily taken whilst in the midst of battle playing a game of paintball.
orb playing paint ball

All of these photos of orbs were taken at Shilioh High School at an after school event.
orb shilioh high school
shiloh high school
shiloh high school moving orb

This big orb caught in this photo was taken in Snellville GA.
big orb dec 1996

This orb was taken at the front entrance of a Haunted Attraction here called Scream on the Trail Scream on the Trail Front Gate
This is a Scream on the Trail Zombie, just look at those Orbs!
zombie with orbs

This moving orb was caught on camera during a brunswick stew cookout.
brunswick stew cookout

This rare video of a moving orb caught in action was taken in Snellville GA.
brunswick stew cookout

Basic definition of Orbs 1. A sphere or spherical object. 2. a. A celestial body, such as the sun or moon. b. Archaic The earth. 3. One of a series of concentric transparent spheres thought by ancient and medieval astronomers to revolve about the earth and carry the celestial bodies. The truth is no one REALLY knows what orbs are or why they are here....

Be sure to check back often, we will continue to add new images and videos of Orbs! Also feel free to contact us and share your photos containing Orbs, be sure to say where it was taken, what was going on, etc.. We appreciate everyone who shares their Orbs caught on camera or camcorder with us and everyone!
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