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Welcome to Fixin That Up's Comedy section!

In this section we will be adding everything funny, from funny stuff that happens around here all the way to funny jokes that we have heard.. If it's funny we will be adding it here!

Lets get this comedy section started off with this video called Tarp Madness....
Tarp Madness

This was all the result of just simply trying to take down a huge tarp and structure.

It does go to show you that what should be a simple thing can turn into madness lol..

Stuck Inside a Boat!

Several ideas on the best way to mark underneath the plywood for the storage hatches, this was not among one of the better ones.......

Notice how the cameras come out way before any assistance here at Fixin That Up...

Oh and of course it was all caught on video too...... Stuck inside a jon boat Oh the shame!!!!
Also there is some more action at the end of this video on the bloopers...

I should mention that after the escape we did get the freaking storage hatches marked up for cutting lol!

Update on this silliness:
I was one sore fool the day after that lol I bruised up my knee pretty good when I grabbed my foot and pulled it up then forced my knee down through the hatch hole it got stuck inside there right away and would not move anywhere! It was just crammed, pressing against the wood lol.. Oh yea that hurt I had to act fast and get that knee back outta that cramped hole....

My back was hurting like crazy the next day, I do not even know how the crap I got down in the hole now looking back at it LOL..

Have you ever been this scared?
Yep another hilarious video, I think this video is a measuring device of sorts....
How do you act when really startled?

ever been this scared?

Here is a good work joke!

A lawyer was just waking up from anesthesia after surgery, and his wife was sitting by his side. His eyes fluttered open and he said, You are beautiful, and then he fell asleep again. His wife had never heard him say that so she stayed by his side.

A couple of minutes later, his eyes fluttered open and he said, You are cute, Well, the wife was dissapointed because instead of beautiful, it was cute. She asked, What happened to beautiful? His reply was, The drugs are wearing off!

Some very funny scares that went on at Scream on the Trail!
This was just a single spot where people got terrified on the trail but boy is it funny lol!
Funny Video

Our Christmas video. Well what can we say...... Some times things get crazy around here.....

Christmas Light Craze


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