Pictures, Videos and Recordings of Spirits / Ghosts, Orbs, and the Unexplained.

Over the years we have taken lot's of very interesting photo's, had a lot of strange things occur and have got some great things recorded on tape and even a camcorder!
I remember hearing of a single picture that was taken before I was even born that scared my oldest sister so bad she's still a wreck to this day and it frightened my mom so much that she picked up and moved from their home immediately!

It was hard getting either my mom or my sister to talk about it but my dad sure didn't mind, he's always been interested in ghosts, ghost hunting, collecting "real" pictures of ghosts and anything supernatural as far as that goes! He talked about the infamous picture, explaining that he's the one who took the photo of my oldest sister when she was 11 years old, she was just sitting right in the middle of a sofa and smiling..

When they got the pictures developed, got home and was looking through them there was that picture of my oldest sister sitting on the couch smiling with several ghosts in the photo with her!

One was standing behind the sofa, right behind my sister with his hands on her shoulders, he was making a dreadful face and staring slightly down at her, the other ghosts were sitting beside her, one on the left and one on the right, both of the other ghosts were clearly females wearing old white gowns while the male behind her with his hands on her shoulders seem to be wearing overalls.. All of the ghosts in the picture had very clear angry expressions on their face and I suppose that's all it took to scare my mother away for good lol...

That's just one thing that has happened over the years....

Well lets get down to it but instead of piling all of the Ghosts / Spirits, Orbs, and unexplained happenings, all together lets get them in their own sections! In the links below you will find some great photos of Ghosts / Spirits as well as photos of Orbs and even a rare video of a moving Orb caught in action!



orb playing paint ball


giant creature in water

The Unexplained

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