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New videos and a lot more added daily here at Fixin That Up! So hey don’t ya thank ya oughta be Fixin That up?

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How to, Comedy, Gardening, Landscaping, Painting, Boats, How to make a Knife, Outdoors, Automotive, Cooking How to, Martial Arts Instructional series, 1968 Mustang Rebuild and much, much more here at Fixin That Up!

We got started here at Fixin that Up a long time ago, before there was a youtube around, heck before it was even an idea lol..

We have done, do and are still doing a whole lot of stuff like Lawn mower repair, Teaching Wilderness Wayfinding and Survival, Leatherworking, Making Machinery from the ground up, Modding Boats, Making Knives, Martial Arts Instruction, Teaching Blunt and Sharp Weapon Defense and Offense, Gun Repair and Modding, Sandblasting, Painting, A lot of Cooking, Motor Rebuilding, Welding ok I could go on and on here but I’m sure you get the point we have a lot of experience and what we have not done we are fixing to do or are already planning on doing it lol…

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New additions!

New additions!

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Another movie update!

On this movie update I can say that the cast and crew have been working pretty hard and we were all [...]
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KFC Chicken Trials

We started a new series on KFC Chicken Trials. Every Wednesday now we are doing this new KFC Chic[...]
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Movie Update

I promised to give a movie update soon so here it is! Our first shooting location has been set an[...]

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